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Why Leaders Always Follow Their Instincts

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Why Leaders Always Follow Their Instincts Empty Why Leaders Always Follow Their Instincts

Post by anandnaidu.mvt on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:32 pm

Hello Leaders

I would like to share with you an article by one of the leading industry leader Daegan Smith. The wisdom in the following works have inspired me over and over again.

What separates a rich person from an ordinary person? The answer to that question is attitude. If one believes that the individual is capable of succeeding, it will happen. All it takes is some hard work and patience for everything to fall into place for that dream to become a reality.

This all starts on how an individual is brought up. This is nurtured from childhood in the forms of ideas and beliefs that one has learned through experience and has been taught by parents, peers and society. This develops later on in college until the person has already found work. It is a continuous process where one evolves and when the time is right, it will just come out and unleash its brilliance to everyone.

Industry leaders at times make strategic decisions that are not normal. These people sometimes take a gamble and hope that it works. Nobody thought that building a city in the middle of the desert will work. Years later, it is thriving with business which is known today as Las Vegas.

The main reason why leaders sometimes follow ones instincts is because something is calling on the person to do it. This is the similar to people who survived a plane crash and will do whatever it takes to make it out alive and be rescued. These people donít look at the short term but look at the potential of what it can become 5 to 10 years onwards. By sharing that vision with other people, it becomes a common goal which everyone will work hard to achieve.

Inventors create new things because these people see a need. If cable was not invented, there wouldnít be telephones and satellite communications to this very day. If everyone just sat back and relaxed, changes will not occur.

Sometimes a certain product has already been made. By looking around and checking if it can further be improved, one can refine it and be known as the person who did it.

The reason why leaders are always on the go is because these people have the passion for it. This love is not just to make more money but to make a mark that will be recognized by society for the contributions one has given to improve the way of life. By learning from the mistakes of others and knowing what to avoid, one can do better than how it was done before.

Becoming a good leader is learning from the success of other people. This can be conducted in trainings and seminars that the company or outside consultancies provide and case studies a person can study in school. This all helps prepare the person to ask the question of; what would one do given a situation?

There are many possible answers but there is only one answer that is correct. Sometimes that answer may seem illogical but it pays off. Some people call it a sixth sense and regard such people as visionaries. These special individuals who are here now are people way ahead of the times.

Everyone has the potential of doing something great. It doesnít have to be building a city out of nothing. It just means that sometimes one should rely on gut feel and given a situation think outside the box. It is this factor that makes one business one step ahead of the competition.

Opportunities donít happen very often. If one has a business and sees that acquiring this will make the company stronger, one should take it. The same thing goes in life. When a situation presents itself, someone should step up and express interest in it because if someone gets to it first, the person will just regret not taking it instead of being happy.

Everyone has instinct. One should just know how to use it and take the gamble. There is a saying that goes, no one will know unless it is tried. That is true because no matter what the outcome may be, at least the individual did the best that anyone in the position would do.

Should that endeavor be successful, one can proudly say it is done. On the other hand if it doesnít work out, one should not lose hope. Other oppurtunities will come which are much bigger and better than the latter.

Yours In Success

Anand Naidu
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