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Structured Interruptions When Talking to a Prospect.

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Structured Interruptions When Talking to a Prospect.

Post by anandnaidu.mvt on Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:59 am

Hello Leaders

Today i would like to tell you about structured interruptions and how it can be used to recruit prospects . The concept was originally spoken off by Mr Mark Wieser , a master recruiter who holds the record for sponsoring 20-25 people every month for 18 consecutive months in one of his MLM companies. Remarkable isn't it?

I was recently attending one of his webinars on "recruiting" where i discovered this concept. mark says while recruiting it is an extremely effective ploy to introduce deliberate structured interruptions. One has to deliberately interrupt the prospect while on the call. this is how he does it.

Remember that you have the upper edge . despite of your current stage as a networker even if you are just one day old on your company you automatically know more about your company and business than the prospect. And you have to use this to you advantage. this is done by taking control over the entire conversation By repeatedly asking questions to the prospects so as to qualify them. In this way you screen and filter only the best to work with you.

You might be thinking, "Anand. what if the prospect has real queries regarding the business? isn't it my responsibility to tell him that?" A vast majority of people might disagree but the answer is no. The time has changed its not 20 years ago when their was no internet or other tools. Use these tools to do the explaining. we as networkers have to interview them so make sure our time and energy is not wasted on the wrong individual.

One other advantage of doing this is it becomes a great for objection handling. See the example to see how.

Anand: hello raj! I understand you are interested to do business with me. Before i start let my inform you that i am very choosy with who i work with so i don't regret later to have worked with the wrong person.

Raj: Well.. Tell me regarding the Compensation plan.

Anand: Good question raj but we haven't reached their yet.
so tell me why do you wanna do this business?

What happens here is the prospects immediately stops and thinks. well this is new. I'm not being pitched upon. you quickly separate your self from the sales men in the industry and establish your self as an expert.

After interviewing him you may now handle objections. The key here is to be different than the rest . how?? see below

Raj: Anand what if the company shuts down?

Anand:It Could Actually!
then pause.(by doing so u have again shocked him.this was unexpected from your part to agree)

Anand: You see its an 4 year old company. Debit Free legal business.
what do you think raj? Will it shut down?
(Ask him with a smile).

These are some of the things i picked up from the webinar and have been using with great success.

Practice and note the response from the prospect. You will love it.

Anand Naidu
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