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Network Marketing the Emotional Perspective

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Network Marketing the Emotional Perspective Empty Network Marketing the Emotional Perspective

Post by patilarpith on Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:31 pm

One strong statement made by Robert T Kosiky in his book Business School “Never judge a network marketing company through mind always judge network marketing company through your Heart.”

The first time when I heard this sentence it did not make sense, because it was adverse to what we were thought before. But when I finally decided to analyze it, the sentence really made sense.

To understand this concept I had to gown to the basics of English words and their usage in Network Marketing Industry and Primary goal of Network Marketing.

A few words which I want to highlight :-

Perception – Insight or a point of view.
Fondness towards the system.
Hope to change.
Belief to succeed.
Filtering – Processing of refining.

One question that I always had in mind, Is Network Marketing really promoting the products?

To a sustained level of thinking we can draw a conclusion that yes Network Marketing is promoting products, but if we go to a higher level of perspective we can define the same concept as “laying the pipes”.

What do I mean to say is that we connect; Concept of “Laying the pipe” is to create the pathway. Once the pipes are laid down we can serve water, milk, Oxygen literally anything.

So I strongly believe that Network Marketing is not promoting product but its connecting people by laying the pipes.

One concept that I was able to make out of Robert T Kosiky statement was “Sustainability“. How a Network Marketing companies are able to sustain their promoters.

The key factors that effects in sustaining the promoters for a Network Marketing Company would be

  • The emotional bonding.
This is a platform where we connect and win the people’s trust. People don’t join the company they join us.

  • Creating a strong Perception.
Making a person realize and creating an insight in his mind. Making him understand that yes this platform is his destination.

  • Fondness towards the system.
When we bond any thing in our life emotionally that time we always have fondness towards it. Fondness towards the system plays major part in sustaining even when company is going through the hardest of times.

  • Hope to make the change.
This belief should be there in each and every promoters mind, a hope to make that change that will help others. This is where the saying of our ex-president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam stands tall, He says “Aim at the sky and you will get the very next”. But we say “Aim at the sky and skip your level each and every single day”.

  • Belief that we will succeed.
Even before a person can become successful in outside world, he has to become successful inside. This can only happen when there is a strong vision. So it is very essential to nurturing your thoughts daily by reading good positive books and success stories.

Despite of all these efforts any Network Marketing company will go under a process which we call as "Filtering”.
The primary threat to a network marketing company. This is a process where many promoters either loose trust in the company or in their own promotional abilities, end up by either moving to a
different company or “Give Up”.

The reason “Filtering” has become very frequent in Indian is believed to be because of

  • Luring
  • Aggressive Promotion
  • Aggressive Follow-ups
  • Bribing or “buying” prospects and many more
Many promoters get so emotionally attached to quick success that they loose their trust in tried and tested methods of genuine business building. One thing that we have to realize is the success that comes quick may not last longer.

Every one forget that the best way to build the business is be genuine and simple.
But history shows all those promoters who were able to over come the process of filtration became legends in their company.

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