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Post by 150737 on Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:37 pm

I saw the videos that you are using for product training, and notice that these videos are in version 3.0. im facing a little problem in version 3. while watching the video a screen comes saying "Buffering video Please wait....". if the video is of 5 minutes then it takes same amount time for buffering also. i have to actually push the play button to start the video. even if i do this it keeps pausing in between and i have to press the play button again and again, which is not good to see and to even send to someone.

but in your case video started automatically without the message of "Buffering video Please wait...." and it even did not pause any where in between.

what do i do? is there any way i can set the autoplay feature on. that seems to be the solution but im not able to get the place where i can do that.

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Post by ganesharaokv on Fri May 22, 2009 8:27 am

Miss Monica,
As the global support has replied to me, Version 3 of Video Mail is still in Beta stage, which means it is still in trial version and they have advised us not to use for serious business purpose.
As of now only use version 2 because it is time tested and is really good.
Also version 2 has an option of dual speed, where it can be viewed in low speed also. But you have to activate it for low speed. The option is in your back office.
So my advice to you, Version 3 is a wonderful tool, but for the time being, until it is perfected in the factory, use Version II and make big money.

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