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eyejot - a free Video emailing tool

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eyejot - a free Video emailing tool

Post by shashisp.mvt on Sun May 24, 2009 7:57 pm

Hi there,
Even though I have been a part of MVT since Feb 09, this is my first post in the Forum. My apologies to one and all, however I hope my posts will prove useful to all the budding MVTitans out there.

Have you heard of a FREE video email messaging tool named "Eyejot" ( In case you haven't, read on:
1) The tool is freely available for those who have access to inernet
2) Video emails can be sent using this tool to any email address (like that of MVT)

1) The video recording can be only of 60 seconds duration. For recordings upto 5 minutes, you still need to go for paid accounts ($29.95 per annum / $99.95 per annum)
2) For free accounts, Inbox will be cleared after 1 month. For paid accounts its not cleared
3) The video emails are sent as attachments and links together
4) For one of the paid accounts, documents can also be attached and sent with the video

However (where MVT scores over eyejot),
1) There is no concept of Video web meeting
2) There is no concept of Video web streaming
3) Above all, there is no concept of network marketing. So how can you be an entrepreneur with this tool? Even if you recommend to friends, you are paid nothing.
So, in case any of your prospects mention this tool (or any other "free" tool for that matter), you know what are the right questions to ask.
Till the next time,
Bye from me
Shashi, fellow MVTitan

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