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Dificult to build team

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Dificult to build team

Post by vijaianand on Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:59 am

How video conference differs from Yahoo/msn chat?Video conferencing possible at yahoo/msn also.Both yahoo/msn are free of cost. providing webcasting services at free of cost,I used it, fine and free of cost.
Only thing Videomail is far better than any services mvt offering.
Then why the cost of mvt is very higher than any other services.

The above questions unanswered by me to my clients.Still I am struggling to build a team in coimbatore for past 4 months.Only one downline seeks lot of information like this from me but I failed to deliver .

I never lost my hope and confidence.

Still having faith in my upline . please answer.


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Re: Dificult to build team

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:20 pm

Hi Vijai

Please attend the product training provided by your upline team to understand how superior in quality and features the MVT Services are as compared to Video Conferencing and other Video Streaming Solutions.

Also at the same training, learn the differences between:-
1) Video WebChat and Video Conferencing and why pricing of Video Conferecing are increasing day by day. Reliance is currently charging Rs. 3400/- for 2 people to do Video Conferencing at Reliance WebWorld for 30 minutes.
2) Online Video Sharing and Video WebCast.


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