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Business Model Terminology

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Business Model Terminology

Post by anandnaidu.mvt on Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:51 pm

Hello Leaders

The following are some of the terms you will come across when dealing with the marketing plan. One needs to have a full understanding of these before er go into explaining the compensation Plan.

PSV (Personal Sales Volume) ~ The volume accumulated by your personal purchase of products and/or your retail customers sales

WSV (Weekly Sales Volume) ~ The volume accumulated from the sales of all specially bundled/priced product packages (The MyVideoTalkIndia Total Video Solutions Package)

All sales volume generated from sales of the MyVideoTalkIndia Total Video Solutions Package is applied to the Weekly Team Commissions Plan. All sales volume generated from monthly product subscriptions is applied to the Monthly Team Commissions Plan.

GSV (Group Sales Volume) ~ Volume accumulated by your teams purchase of products and/or their retails sales

Active ~ Initial 120 PSV and maintain $50 annual maintenance fee.

Producer ~ When you enroll 1 representative who achieves the title of Active you move up to Producer status. Once you achieve this level you are qualified to hold volume in that particular sales team as long as you remain active.

Team Builder ~ Achieve Team Builder status as soon as you help 2 personally enrolled representatives, one on the left sales team and one on the right sales team, create sales orders of at least 120 PSV. You are then qualified to hold volume in the Weekly Commission Plan on either left or right team as long as you remain active.

Executive ~ Help 2 personally sponsored Representatives, one on your left sales team and one on your right sales team, achieve Team Builder status.

GPU (Group Product Usage) ~ All Weekly Commission earned up to 2 Lakh per week are subject to a 10% deduction for Group Product Usage (GPU).

Head to the next post where our business plan is discussed in detail.

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