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The 12 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Ever Make

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The 12 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Ever Make Empty The 12 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Ever Make

Post by pavanpss on Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:09 pm

The ideas and information for this article were taken from “The 12 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Ever Make” by Myron Golden.
Click here to listen to the full Audio File.

1) Elevating the Prospect Above Yourself
This means elevating the prospects opinions, time, point-of-view, etc… above your own.
• Don’t talk to prospects as if their time is more important than yours.
• Usually we’re nervous or apprehensive because we are overly concerned
about what the prospect thinks of us, our product, our service, and our opportunity…don’t be! Remember, some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting…and move on.

2) Convincing Instead of Attracting

-Convincing ~ Talking someone into something that they don’t want to do.
-Attracting ~ People being drawn to you by the look in your eye, tone in your
voice, and sureness in your step.
• When you don’t try to drag people in they are attracted to your strength.
They are attracted to the fact that you have confidence in yourself, and that you don’t need them.
• People are not looking for needers, they are looking for leaders, and if you act like you need them, you will never lead them and they will never follow you!
• If you want to attract a dynamic leader, be a dynamic leader. If you want
to attract a good business builder, be a good business builder. In network marketing, you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

3) Talking Too Much
• For Instance, The minute someone sounds interested, you start talking.
• Human nature says: The more you say, the less they want to hear. The less
you say, the more they want to hear.

4) Trying to Make the Opportunity Sound Too Easy
• For instance: “Anybody could do it.” or “It doesn’t take any skill.” or “You don’t have to do anything.” ...easy…easy...easy…
• Do you want people that are willing to get out of their comfort zone and do
something that’s a little difficult, or do you want someone that will only do it if there’s little effort involved?
• If you say that you can make $
100,000 in a year, and they’re struggling to
make $30,000, they won’t be able to see it, and it will sound too good to be true.

5) Trying to Make People Feel Comfortable
• The comfort zone is the failure zone and most of the time the comfort zone is why they’re broke and struggling in the first place.
• The way that you find the great rewards is by being uncomfortable
temporarily, so you can be comfortable long-term.
• “Well I just can’t make it to that training.” “I just can’t reach my goals.” - Our common response: “Don’t worry about it.” “It’s O.K.”
~ The reality is, if you make a commitment, hit the commitment! If you
can’t do it, don’t commit!

6) Not Using Up-line Support
• “I have already done this before” “I already know how to do it.” …In network marketing you don’t always do things to get them done, you do things to set an example or to demonstrate how to do something for your down-line.
• If you can recruit or not, or if you’re a good presenter or not, is not the point.
Even though you might be good at presenting, the person that you’re bringing in might not be. If you use your up-line it will show them that they can use their up-line to do it too.

7) Sending the Negatives Down
• This means having problems with your up-line, cross-line, company, or p
roduct and sending it down the line.
• If you have a problem with something, take the negatives up. Don’t take the
negatives down. The people in your down-line can’t solve the problems you have, so the only thing you’re doing by taking the negatives down is discrediting the up-line and discouraging your team.

8 Telling Without Asking
• This is telling someone about an opportunity without asking why they’re looking at the opportunity in the first place.
• This is telling them about what you were interested in before finding out why
they were interested in the first place.
• Ask them questions about them. Find out what they’re hot buttons are and
you will find every reason you need to show them how this opportunity will work for them.

9) Edifying the Prospect Instead of the Up-line
• This is edifying the prospect when you introduce them to the up-line, instead of elevating the up-line when you introduce them to the prospect.
• For Example:
Up-line: Joe Prospect: Bob
- When you introduce them on a call don’t say: “Joe, this is Bob. Bob is
an incredible person. We’ve known each other for a long time, and are great friends. I think that he would be good in this business, and you should really treat him good. Bob, this is Joe.”
- Instead you should say: “Bob, I am about to introduce you to an
individual that is dynamic. They really know the facts, and they love helping people. This is someone that you really want to get to know. His name is Joe Smith. By the way, Joe, this is Bob. Bob, just listen to the call.” And then let your up-line take over.

10) Interrupting Your Up-line on a 3-Way Call
• This is saying “Oh…you forgot to tell them about this.” or “Make sure you tell them about this.”
• This usually, once again, discredits your up-line. Remember, your up-line is
your up-line for a reason. They know what they’re doing, and have been successful doing it.
• Usually this happens when you’re trying to ease the pressure or tension, but
remember, we aren’t trying to make the prospect comfortable. Sometimes being uncomfortable is just what the prospect needs.

11) Looking for Needers Instead of Leaders
• “This person needs this opportunity.” or “This person needs a job.” or “This person needs some money.”
• The fact is…most of the time there’s a reason why people are struggling, and
all the sudden you think you are going to fix them because they need it.
• People are not looking for someone to help them with their needs, they’re
looking for someone to lead them; to take them by the hand.

12) Not Spending Enough Time, Energy, or Effort to Attend and Promote Company Events.
• Your business is built from event to event.
• We don’t know why it is, but most of the time, your people are not going to
hear you like they’re going to hear someone else.
• Every event your company or team has, you need to attend and promote.
• It is one of the best uses of your time, and if you get your team to these
events your business will sky-rocket.

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